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There’s no doubt that Spotify is a media player that everyone was waiting for. It has a lot of good things on it, but one thing that serious music buffs might miss is a good audio equalizer that can be found in most of the common desktop media players.

Equalify aims to fill that gap. It is an audio equalizer for Spotify that integrates really well and gives you sound effects that you wouldn’t have got in Spotify otherwise. The tool is free and works only on Windows. Close Spotify, download the tool, install it, open Spotify and you are good to go.

audio equalizer for spotify

You’ll see an EQ symbol in Spotify after you install Equalify and you should be able to access it from there. It is easy to use and feature rich.


  • Audio Equalizer for Spotify.
  • Windows only.
  • Free download, integrates with Spotify so no need to run it separately everytime.

Check out Equalify @


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