EpicDecide: Cool Group Decision Making Tool

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Normally websites that let you form group polls and voting pages do nothing more than collect the votes and provide you with the results. The voting results by themselves do not reveal voting confidence, agreement, and passion. These informative factors are covered by a web service called Epic Decide.

group decision making

Epic Decide is a free to use group decision making service that lets you create online voting pages. You can pose a question, provide options, and then specify what kind of option is to be voted on. Visitors to the voting page can indicate their choice by assigning each option a score out of 5 stars.


Epic Decide then analyzes all the votes and shows you the selected star scores for each voter. Additionally the site provides you with the average score and levels for confidence, agreement, and passion for each of the options. A plot of average votes against passion and agreement are also shown to help you better analyze the voting results.


Check out Epic Decide @ www.epicdecide.com

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I use Epic Decide all the time. I’m so excited to see your post recommending it to others. It’s easy and versatile. Even my not-so-tech-savvy colleagues use it happily.

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