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download mozilla browserA considerable amount of internet users are of Indian origin, almost half as much as the ever-present U.S. of A. On Twitter, India is effectively one of the largest demographics. Although we’re only talking about a minority of the total Indian population, they’re an internet force to be reckoned with.

While the other major players are now finishing up their next browser release, a new player has entered the field. A new browser from Indian soil.

Epic Browser

The Epic Browser – never shy in their nomenclature – is based off the Mozilla codebase. This doesn’t mean that it’s made by the Firefox guys, but rather shares the same open-source back-end; the same foundation. As such, it’s an incredibly powerful browser by default, but made into an even more versatile tool by the Epic team – as will be seen below.

download mozilla browser

The title and the next paragraph highlight an important aspect of the browser; it’s made by and for Indians users. That means that some of the features will be rather useless to the rest of us, but Epic is far from useless to the rest of the world. Ignoring these specific features, it’s a strong candidate on the international browser market as well.


Fitted to Indian Users

If you’re Indian, as we know many of our readers (and actually a fair share of our in-house writers) to be, the Epic Browser will sound even more enticing to you, as it comes packed with a number of India-specific features.

On the left hand side of the screen, you’ll find the India sidebar. This is constantly updated with the latest local news from a number of online sources, but also allows you to view flight information, stocks, and much more.

The standard theme of Epic isn’t all that, but you can choose from over 1500 alternative themes and wallpapers, all based on India. You can expect themes of nature, architecture, and even famous cricket players.

Last but not least is an Indian usability improvement. The browser recognizes romanized Indian, on any given website, and converts in to Indian.

Sidebar Applications and Add-ons

We already told you that Epic was a powerhouse browser. Most of the extra functionality will be found in the left sidebar. This comes packed with over 1500 different applications. Think Gmail, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, but also Google Maps, To-do lists, Snippets and Write, an actual word processor.

A couple of applications, like Write, also work in compliance with your Windows desktop. Most prominently are the Explorer-alternative and full-fledged back-up solution.

Because it’s based on the Mozilla codebase, you can install any existing Firefox add-ons as well. Separate from the versatile and numerous sidebar applications, that’s over 10.000 additional extensions!

Privacy and Security

The Epic team is heavyset on your computer’s and personal security. Amongst the sidebar apps, the browser includes a free antivirus application powered by ESET. This allows you to not only scan your downloads, but your entire system as well. With new threats rising every day, you can’t be too safe.

download mozilla browser

With a single click, you can delete personal browsing information, similar to Firefox. It’s one of the first browser able to kill the worrisome Flash cookies. Similar to Google Chrome, there’s also a private browsing mode, where all history, cookies and cached pages are disabled. Finally, Epic has vowed to never store your browsing or search data. Ever.

Although the design sometimes tends to look premature, the Epic Browser has shown it a strong contestant in the everlasting browser battle. This browser is deemed ready for not just India, but the whole world. Have you had a chance to download this new Mozilla browser and try it yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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