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ePassportPhoto is a handy web-based application that lets anyone create passport-compliant photos from regular profile pictures. All you need is an average printer and photo-paper. (Note: Keep in mind that in some cases creating passport-compliant photos from digital images may distort original face properties and make image unacceptable.)

ePassportPhoto : Create and Order Passport Photos

Quick HowTo:

  1. 1. Upload a profile picture (with a neutral expression, closed mouth and open eyes). More details here.
  2. 2. Adjust print specs. and crop unnecessary parts.
  3. 3. Print out ready passport photos.
  4. 4. Premium service available: send your profile photo to ePassportPhoto (by email) and they will ship back ready to use passport photos. Shipping available to over 60 countries.

Video Screencast (no audio)

Visit ePassportPhoto @ []

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