The Entire League Of DC Comics Comes To Kindle, iBook, & Nook [Updates]

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Comic book fans can rejoice. In one complete swoop, DC Comics announced its arrival on the three major digital platforms. DC Comics is the Number 1 comic book publisher in the U.S. and boasts of comic book heroes and titles like Justice League, Batman, Superman, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Fables and American Vampire. All the monthly titles published under DC Comics and Vertigo will now be available for download on Kindle Store, iBookstore and NOOK Store.

So far, DC Comics is the first and only comic book publisher that has opened up its presence on these three e-retailers. It could very well spur other comic book publishers to follow suit. Jim Lee, co-publisher, DC Entertainment said,

“As e-readers and tablets continue to explode in popularity it’s important for us to offer consumers convenience and choice in how they download digital comics and graphic novels and these new distribution deals with the top three e-bookstores do just that. We’re very excited to work with Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble to bring bestselling DC Comics and Vertigo periodicals to their e-bookstores.”

Now readers have multiple avenues to download the digital versions of the comics. In addition to the three platforms, issues will be available periodically through the DC Comics and Vertigo apps, and all comiXology platforms on the DC Entertainment website.

Source: DC Comics

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many will love it, Batman, Spiderman, Justice League… all in one place, cool.


Somaiya Ebrahim

thankyou :)


Guido Kyosuke

Cool indeed!


Alex Downs

way to finally join us in the 21st century


Jon Smith

great my son will love this like I did just in a different form of media


Paul Girardin

You should visit ( the DC Entertainment website ), register an account (registering is free!) and download the FREE 101 primers from here:

There are twelve free primers and you can also find more free Sneak peeks and Previews here:

That should give you a taste without taking out your wallet

Mac Witty

Thanks Paul Girardin for the additional tips!

Paul Girardin

You are welcome!


Douglas Mutay

Thanks a million for sharing!


Ritwick Saikia

Simply love DC Comics. Marvel is good too but DC is the best.


Boni Oloff

Looks nice.



This comic ebooks are way popular, do they have comics for girls too? coz I was more fond of searching for knowledge kindles at bookboon dot com, i might try something new .


Rajaa Chowdhury

Where can I get comics in e-book format, free of cost? :) Need not be popular heroes, but good comics to do some time-pass and feel happy reading it.

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