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Many once saw webdesign as a challenge to create the most ambitious, busy and technically impressive websites they could. These days the trend has been reversed, and simplicity is king over complexity. More and more people are turning to single-page websites to sum up their personality, job and online presence – but much of the time you’ll need knowledge of HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript. takes the pain out of creating such a website.

create a single page site

The single-page, black-on-white design is the perfect backdrop for your personal details, job title, bio and social media accounts. The service takes on a modular approach, and to add a service you simply choose it from a list of (at present) 15 modules including your Twitter feed, SoundCloud account, work experience, projects you have worked on and Tumblr or Blogger posts.

The service isn’t a replacement for your blog, but simply an additional landing page for Five Tips To Create A Cool Looking Personal Landing Page Five Tips To Create A Cool Looking Personal Landing Page Read More your personal brand much like On sign up, you get a username and domain in the form of and there are options for adding your location, personal website and even a publicly accessible email address if you’re brave. The resulting page looks great, works well on both mobile and desktop devices and is sure to present you in a professional manner.


  • Build a slick, one-page website in record time with no coding knowledge.
  • Add services, expertise and insights module-by-module.
  • Designed to be used in addition to your blog and personal website, highlighting your skills and expertise.
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