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airset reviewDo you want to explore the possibilities of Cloud Computing? Do you want your desktop to follow you to any internet-connected machine? If either of these questions have sparked your interest than AirSet is for you!

I ventured over to the site and signed up for my free account. They do ask for a bunch of personal information that you might not feel comfortable giving out (like your mobile number for instance) But between me and you, giving them this information is to your benefit.

With your mobile number and email address, AirSet can hit you on the hip or send an email alerting you to a specific condition. So AirSet is like a personal computer that is running on a terminal in a very powerful server. It is also available to you at any time and can process and do stuff while you are not actively using it. How awesome is that?

When you activate your account, you will be greeted with this:

airset mobile


airset desktop sync

I ran through the demo (quickly) and then jumped right into cloud computing.

Here is a shot of the default desktop:

and a close up of my default Start (like) menu:

The apps available to you right off the bat are:

  • Web Publish
  • Messaging
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Lists
  • Forum
  • Albums
  • Playlists
  • Links

Hit “More Tools” and you will see a healthy amount of other applications and services to make cloud computing more “desktop-like”. You can “sync-up” and bring over contacts and documents. You can invite other users to work in the same Cloud Computer as you and it really seems like the possibilities are endless.

Some recommended uses for AirSet include :

  • Create a web desktop for an event or group of people.
  • Have easy access to all of your data wherever you are.
  • Publish web documents and add calendar events and contacts.
  • Load up other peoples desktops and share yours as well.

Think a slimmed down version of Ubuntu running on the web ready to do your bidding.

Is anyone else using any other Cloud Computing services? Let us know in the comments!

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