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While it’s certainly easy to add wallpaper, home screen images, and contact photos to your iPhone, a new 3rd Mac application, Ensoul, provides some advance features that extends what you can do with image stylizing for your favorite, sleek mobile device.

Ensoul is a handy app for iPhone users who like to have a wide variety of wallpaper to choose from. It’s way to add, manage, and edit wallpaper images and contact photos without using iPhoto or some other image editing application.


How to Use Ensoul

Ensoul works similarly to iPhoto and other self-contained image editors. First off, it includes a media pane that accesses your iPhoto  and/or Aperture libraries, as well as your Pictures Folder on your Mac. If you happen to have more than one iPhoto or Aperture library, Ensoul will access them all at once, which is something that can’t be done in iTunes.


Ensoul also comes installed with a set of stylish wallpapers to get you started. On left side of Ensoul, you can quickly add wallpaper images from anywhere in Mac’s Finder or from image downloads from the Internet, such as the website, iPhone Themes, which has a large collection of wallpaper and wallpaper themes.


Dragphoto 1

What’s even more useful about Ensoul is that you can preview — using the included iPhone emulator — how your selected wallpaper images will look on both the Lock Screen and Home Screen of the iPhone. While some images work great for the Lock Screen, they may get obscured by the display app icons on your Home Screen.


Built-in Image Editor

Ensoul also includes a built-in image editor for cropping, rotating, fixing and enhancing your images. This means you don’t have to open iPhoto or some other image editor to make image adjustments.


Exporting Wallpaper to Your iPhone

If you’re a wallpaper aficionado, you will no doubt want to keep a significant collection of images on your iPhone. If you want to add wallpaper images stored and edited in Ensoul, alongside existing photos from your iPhoto or other libraries on your iPhone, then you need to select wallpapers in Ensoul and choose Share > iPhoto in the Ensoul menu bar. Your selected wallpaper will be copied and inserted into an iPhoto album titled, “Ensoul.”


When your iPhone is connected to your iTunes, you simply check the Ensoul folder along the other iPhoto albums you want include in your iPhone library.


If you want your iPhone library to consist solely of wallpaper and contact images from Ensoul, you need to choose the “Sync Photos from” button in iTunes when your iPhone is connected to your Mac. In the drop-down button, select “Pictures” and then click the box for the Ensoul Library folder in your Pictures Folder.

Other Features

Ensoul also includes other sharing features for exporting your wallpaper to your Twitter and Facebook account, as well to any part of your computer. You can also create more than one Ensoul library which is useful if you’re sharing your Mac with another iPhone users, or if you want so simply change up a set of wallpapers.

How do I win a copy?

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[update] And the winners are…

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