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EnSC or Encrypted Shortcut Creator is a program developed to make the job of System Administrators a little bit easier. It lets you create shortcuts to programs that require an elevated access or where you can put passwords in command line arguments that the user can’t see.

First you download the program archive and unzip it. Launch the program and you will see a request code and an empty field for a free response code, which you will get by clicking on the link.

encrypted shortcut

A webpage will open where you will have to insert the request code from the window, input your email, enter a captcha code and click “Get Response Code”. Check your email for the Response Code and then copy/paste it into the program window. Next enter your own “Master Code” which will be used to encrypt all of your shortcuts and click “Save” to launch the actual Shortcut Creator program (you will have to get the request code only once in the beginning and can use it to create as many shortcuts as you want).


From the Encrypted Shortcut Creator, enter the parameters in the empty fields for Program Path and Arguments (ex: x://server/share/USER:username password). The “test” button is there to check if your parameters are working. Once you are done, click “Create Encrypted Shortcut”.


The shortcut will be created in the same directory where the application is located and will have an *.ensc extension. To open the shortcut, use the EnSC program.


  • Tool for System Administrators.
  • Helps create encrypted shortcuts.
  • Uses 128-bit double protection to encrypt shortcuts and locks them to the PC where they are created.
  • Related tools – You!Symlink.

Check out Encrypted Shortcut Creator @ (via Addictivetips)

  1. Mick
    June 7, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    This application will leak the username and password. I demonstrated it here:

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