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The written forms of many business plans follow a similar template. These properties can be used to generate written business plans automatically by changing a few details on each plan. Enloop makes use of this to automatically generate those written business plans.

analyses business plan

Enloop is a web service that lets you automatically generate business plans by entering details such as business location, owner information, business idea description, etc. After your plan’s specifics have been entered, you can download it as a PDF file to your computer. Moreover, while you are entering the specifics of the plan Enloop keeps updating the EPS score for your plan. The EPS score appears in the top-right and is the Enloop Performance Score of your plan. This score is an indication of how potentially successfully your plan will be.


Enloop offers a free usage plan for a single business plan. For multiple plans you can opt for one of two paid plans offered by the web service.



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