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desktop youtube playerWhat’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored or have some time to spare? Go and waste time looking through YouTube videos, of course. YouTube is an endless source of entertainment and one of the most popular websites that Internet has ever seen. If you’re able to go a full week online without browsing YouTube or playing a YouTube video then consider that an achievement unlocked.

The thing about YouTube is that most videos are relatively short in length and browsing around takes a lot of active participation and manual searching for what you find to be interesting. For a lazy guy like me (and you maybe), that’s not enough. I want to be able to sit there and have YouTube pick my brain and roll through things that are relevant to my interests! It’s very possible.

Let’s take a look at two awesome desktop applications that will help bring you the best experience when it comes to watching YouTube videos.


YTubePlayer works on both Windows and Mac comes packed with a lot of very interesting features. One of my favorite features will get right into your face after installing and launching the application.

desktop youtube player

By creating an account for YTubePlayer, you’re actually able to share your videos and playlists with others that use the application. I’d recommend that you go ahead and just create an account immediately. It doesn’t require any email activation or anything.

The interface is very clean and easy to navigate.

youtube desktop client

As you can see on the left-hand side, there are a ton of options to help you find interesting and new content. YTubePlayer cooperates well with RadioTube, which helps you find music. You can also see that there are specific search filters for video game and movie trailers. Other than that, you can search YouTube’s playlist and individual search results.

youtube desktop client

At the top right of the main interface, there is a button that will allow you to synchronize YTubePlayer with your YouTube account, which is another great feature. This allows you to automatically pull all of your pre-existing playlists right into the program.

youtube desktop client

The binoculars icon, at the top left, allows you to do your basic YouTube searching. As you can see in that screenshot, you can add items to a playlist directly from the search results.

youtube client

The actual video player built into YTubePlayer looks and feels nice. You’re able to access every feature you would directly on YouTube, from changing the quality, volume, etc.

YTubePlayer simply allows you to experience browsing YouTube from a cleaner and faster interface. There’s no clutter and the playlist-sharing feature makes it awesome.


YTWatcher is a portable application that serves a more narrow purpose. Where YTubePlayer is geared more towards a full YouTube experience, YTWatcher is something you can launch, sit back, and watch. It works on every version of Windows past XP.

desktop youtube player

Linking your YouTube account to YTWatcher is required to get the full functionality of this application. I’ve used it for months and can say it’s completely safe. From there, click the RSS icon at the bottom left of the application and you’ll be able to select Favorites or Subscriptions. Selecting either will allow YTWatcher to automatically play through videos from either list.

This application is especially awesome if you’re subscribed to a few hundred YouTube channels. Every single time you open YTWatcher, you’ll have a huge queue that offers a ridiculous amount of time to kill. I’d know!

Which of these two applications are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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