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The web has changed a lot since the first search engines erupted through the surface. One of those major changes have been social networks, enabling us to connect with each other all over the world – pretty incredible really. However, it seems that search engines haven’t fully used the power of the social networks. Some have used the power of their own social networks, like Google has with Google+ and other’s have partnered together, like Bing and Facebook, but Enginuity is a search engine with a twist. Not only is the interface simple and useful (which I’ll expand on later), but it also provides rankings for social sharing and links to share to your social networks, as well as other services. Let’s jump in and see what all Enginuity can do for you.

Finding Socially-Relevant Searches

Enginuity Search

To first begin using Enginuity, you’ll need to create an account. After you’ve done so, you’ll see that you’re logged in on the main search page and you can start searching. Each search will display what’s called the “social commentary”, meaning how much something is being shared by others across the web. You don’t have to have any of your own social networks connected to Enginuity to see this.

NOTE: Social commentary is a premium feature.

Enginuity Web Results

First you have the standard web search, which as you might suspect is fairly basic. Below the search box it displays other possible searches you might want to try as well.


Enginuity Web Results - Reviews

The next search option is the ability to search reviews on various topics: automotive, books, movies, music, travel and technology.

Enginuity News Results

The News search results feature only links from journalistic sources. You can then define the search even more by category and sort by date and relevance.

Enginuity Image Results

The Images search is a great way to look through your results visually. You can sort the results even more through the various options in the left panel with filters like size, form, color and type.

Enginuity Video Results

The video search helps to narrow your results if you’re only interested in videos. One drawback is that you can’t watch the video on the same page – a new tab will open instead. However, you get more options to finetune your searches by duration, aspect ratio and resolution quality.

Enginuity Viral Results

The final search option is only available for paying members. This option is the Viral search, which gives you the ability to see what is currently being shared the most right now. This option is excellent for social media managers or journalists who are looking for what is trending on the Internet.

Other Features

So besides the ability to search niche categories, what else does Enginuity allow you to do?


For each search result, there are buttons for all the major social media and blog platforms, along with others for saving links for later and even for sharing with services like Hootsuite and Buffer.

Enginuity Web Results - Share

Search Preview

Isn’t it frustrating when you click a link and it takes you to some odd website that doesn’t help at all? Likely these won’t even be listed as much, since they’re not as socially relevant. However, just to be safe, Enginuity provides a “link preview” button along each search result that you can click to see what the website looks like before you actually open it.

Search Results Preview


Enginuity Feeds

Feeds is a feature that allows you to easily share targeted content for content marketing and native advertising campaigns. They also easily plug in to services like Doubleclick, Outbrain, Pressly and Flipboard.

Note: Feeds is a premium feature, currently still in beta, for premium plans only.


Enginuity Settings - General

The settings for Enginuity are fairly simple and don’t require much effort to explore. There are five tabs on the right, as well as a customer service/feedback “ribbon” on the right side, powered by UserVoice.

The General tab is where you can change your name, email and password. Note that before you make any other changes in your account, you’ll have to enter your current password in the top text box of this page. Next is the Subscription tab, which displays what your current plan is. The City and Occupation tabs contain one text box each that you can use to provide more information about yourself, if you want. Lastly, the Integration tab is where you can connect Enginuity to your social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo.

Enginuity Settings - Social Integration


Membership pricing

Enginuity has broken up their model into three areas: Free, Greatness and Enterprise. You can see the various features in the image above that each one allows you to have. The free model gives you access to the majority of what Enginuity has to offer, with the only exceptions being RSS feeds, Viral Search and Social Commentary Rating.


If your looking for assistance in building a social media presence for your brand or company, consider trying Enginuity to help you find information on the Internet that is relevant to your brand, but also intriguing to your followers. Enginuity can also help you save time by making the sharing process to social networks simpler.

To get started, click Sign Up on Enginuity. But do come back and tell us about your first impressions? Do you have a search engine in mind that does social search better?

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