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Have you ever wanted to know what is most hated on Facebook? How you ever wanted to let people know what you hate? Well if so you need to try the cool new Facebook app called EnemyGraph. It’s a fun app that is gathering some serious steam on Facebook. Facebook is a place that is all about friends, so having some enemies is a good way to counterbalance all the buddy buddy stuff that goes on.

most hated on facebook

Of course, the app is not for real enemies, just like Facebook is not always for your closest friends. It just allows you to keep track of people you have had differences with. You will receive an alert, and you guys can let the battle begin.


To keep the app fun, you can only list someone who is on your friends list as an enemy. This is done to prevent cyber bullying. This also keeps things fun. Of course, listing pages as an enemy is fair game. Right now, Rick Santorum is the most hated person in the app, and as more users jump in, it will give a more accurate gauge of what is hated.


  • Find out what is the most hated.
  • List the things that you consider an enemy.
  • Keep things fun by only having enemies on your friends list.
  • Free app that makes Facebook a little less friendly.

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