It’s The End Of Days For Windows XP – Microsoft Will Send Pop-up Reminders

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It’s the end of the line for Windows XP. Microsoft is planning to use pop-up warnings to remind users to upgrade and it could start as soon as next week. Windows XP will end its 12-year successful run on April 8th and Microsoft wants the considerable number of users to shift over to more modern versions of its operating system. The pop-up notifications will be enabled from March 8th following the monthly patch cycle of Windows Update.

Pop-ups will continue to be displayed on the 8th of every month unless users tick the “don’t show this message again” option. Running an unsupported operating system is a security risk for organizations and individuals still on it. A free transfer tool called PCmover Express is designed to copy files, music, videos, emails, user profiles, and settings from an old PC to a new one running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. Microsoft has partnered with Laplink to create the tool. It will be available for download from this month onwards at

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft has also launched a second website for the less tech savvy. The End of Service site simply lets confused users know if they are (or not) running Windows XP. It also encourages them to take a tour of the latest OS from Microsoft.

These are simple support acts from Microsoft as one of its most popular efforts rides into the sunset. It will represent a significant step-up for users still on the old Windows XP platform to embrace the radical re-design of Windows 8.1. Are you one of them?

Source: The Verge

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Comments (78)
  • Saikat B

    Mary, the way I look at it, Windows XP is a commercial product, and like any it serves a particular commercial need for the company that makes it. That’s something we XP fans have to got to get used :)

    Take a look at my colleague, Christian’s article on < a href="">Windows XP Security Risks: They’re Real And Heading Your Way In 2014.

    He has covered all the issues, including the situation if you don’t want to upgrade. Happy reading!

  • Mary Klett

    I simply don’t like anything else other than XP. The changes are too radical for the way I use my PC. No thought has been given to those who do not want to be burdened with change that only brings annoyance and no significant benefits. I won’t be upgrading; I see no reason to. The new web page designs have just turned me off completely to visiting those pages that have them. What was to be an “improvement in your experience” has been irritating instead. I don’t want to fight it – and fight it and fight is the right word. I use XP because it doesn’t use ME. The new OS’s use me. I’m not averse to change, but this change isn’t good change. It’s simply commercial.

  • Gerald McMullon

    I first saw the notice on my laptop. It did the usual updates, went to hibernate and never woke up again. Can’t even get the data off the hard drive.

    I have been configuring a machine for a local computer museum with NeXTSTEP, Windows 95 and XP. I might add Windows 3.11 and NT. Other than the service packs the thousands of updates taking days of rebooting and downloading may also be withdrawn. If I install XP on new hardware (mostly due to drive failure) I have been having to use online and call back services to get it registered. This also may be withdrawn.

    With older software you don’t need to get on line to validate the license key and that is becoming increasingly difficult when old hardware gets incremental changes with hard drive and motherboard failure. Sometimes an upgrade of the software makes good sense, other times what I have is fine – if it still runs and my license key will still work.

    I may not need older operating systems or hardware and I don’t ‘need’ update support but for those who like to run old computers and collect them the era of online resignation will leave a gap of machine that could work but wont install the software for more than 30 days at a time.

    A paid for Service pack 4 with every update and no further need to bother to validate it along with Office XP updates but this would be seen as reducing new sales – even if priced the same as 32-bit Windows 7 – it would never happen.

    I also tried installing Ubuntu but it locked up. On a more modern PC I managed to get Ubuntu installed but had problems with the sound and the software choices for using the TV card where so different to the PC versions and made no sense to me at all. With no help from the manufacturers for most of the hardware and nothing on the internet on how to configure the hardware I had to gave up.

  • Sandra

    Why should we upgrade to Windows 8.1 when XP Professional is still working great for us. We don’t need octa-core systems with 32Gb of memory and a Petabyte of SSD harddrives.

    The internet itself has an effective speed of about 40mbps, no matter what your providers promises you, and a computer wont work faster than the speed it’s user clicks the ‘enter’ button after he or she has given the commands or search terms.

    Windows XP on our AMD 3200+ with 2Gb of memory and 160Gb Sata hardrive is more than enough for now. The only upgrade we made to this system is 2 TFT screeens to replace the old CRT one. Maybe we’ll add a second harddrive to store more files, that’s it.

    It’s just like someone else said, why buy another car when your current one does what it’s made for. Our first car is 33 years old and the second is 26 years old, both still going strong and ready for every day use.

    When you feel the drive to buy everything a.s.a.p., to show off or whatever, go for it. When software is stil useable, or making you feel in control of your computer the way you want it, why should be forced to buy everything new ?.

    Software developers should not be concerned about the quantity of their software packages, they should be concerned about the quality of it, just to make the clients happy. As soon as this is a fact these happy clients will become their personal advertisements and returning clients. It’s all about quality, not quantity ;)

    Bye for now, Sandra

    (a happy XP user in 2014)

    • MJ

      Good for you! (I’m being sincere)

      Furthermore, you already have the specs (well and TRULY) to run any version of windows you want… Sure it’s only one core (but it’s an AMD 3200+, which is no slouch), and sure that’s DDR2 ram you’re running (I’m guessing, but it’s an educated one), but my PC is only AMD 2.6Ghz, 80GB IDE HDD and 1.5 GB DDR2. The only downer is that my RAM is running at 40% all the time. It still works well, and I don’t do anything so intensive that it’s using up the entire lot of my RAM (In fact, I haven’t seen it drop below 300MB yet, and that was admittedly a busy time), so 2GB should be plenty, even if it means 25% of it is being used constantly, it really is being used for an optimised system. Its actually quite fast when I use it, so I suspect that RAM has been earmarked for the systems proprietary use. It’s probably a good thing, as it will lessen the likelihood of lockups due to system resources being raped…

  • KeithCP2

    To be quite honest I never used to bother with updates, until I got computers on service pack 3, and even now I wish I hadn’t because they have caused me more problems than a little, virus scanners, malware bytes and glary utilities protect my computers, and apart from that I still run one computer on service pack 1 of xp, avast antivirus makes sure that is ok so does window washer, that can’t update its on internet explorer 6, somtimes the page works sometimes it don’t firefox 12 won’t work older versions do, and there was another browser I tried a few years ago it worked fine until its last update, then it stopped working,but with having other old machines but newer than that one, still allows me to use other things on the service pack 1 machine, irc works fine for instance

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.
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