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Windows is extremely customizable and power users tweak everything 8 Super Windows 8.1 Tweaks For Power Users 8 Super Windows 8.1 Tweaks For Power Users With Windows 8.1 came many changes. Some options are completely new, others were changed or moved. Whether you're using Windows 8.1 on a desktop, tablet, or something in between, these tweaks will come in handy! Read More , but some of its most common settings are found in the Control Panel. If you’ve read our guide to the Control Panel Unlock Windows Potential: Control Panel Demystified Unlock Windows Potential: Control Panel Demystified If you want to be the master of your Windows experience, the Control Panel is where it's at. We untangle the complexity of this power tool. Read More , you know how many useful configuration options it holds, but the menus can prove difficult to navigate.

Enter God Mode, a system shortcut that gives you access to all Control Panel items in one handy place (not like a video game cheat code!). It works on Windows 7 and above, and on Windows 10 it’s notable for bringing options from the Settings app and the Control Panel together.

To enable it, simply create a new folder on your desktop: Right-click > New > Folder and name it the following string:


If you don’t like the name God Mode, replace the text before the period with something else, such as “Administrator” or “All Settings.” Once you hit Enter to create the folder, it will morph into a Control Panel icon and you’ll have access!


Despite its name, God Mode doesn’t let you do anything crazy, but is basically a shortcut. It’s great for IT workers who want common functions all in one place, or anyone who just wants a simple list of everything you can change in Windows. If you like a clean desktop, just drag the icon to your Start Menu or into another folder.

Want more customization on Windows 10? Learn how to tweak the taskbar 6 Advanced Taskbar Tweaks for Windows 10 6 Advanced Taskbar Tweaks for Windows 10 Windows 10 has brought many changes and the taskbar wasn't spared. Still, many small tweaks can enhance your experience. We'll show you how you can customize it to perfection. Read More to suit your needs.

What are your favorite God Mode options? Let us know how you use this tool below!

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