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Compliments can quickly improve our bad moods. In order to have your mood be improved this way, you need to have friends around that compliment you. But your friends are not with you every time of the day. If you find yourself down and in a bad mood, go to “Emergency Compliment” to get complimented and cheered up.

get compliments

Emergency Compliment is a free to use website that, as its name suggests, gives you compliments in case of emergency bad moods. The site works in an extremely simple way – all you have to do is visit its URL and you are given a quick compliment with a font big enough to easily read against a clearly distinguishable background color.

If you feel that you need to be further complimented, you can click on the “I still feel crappy” link which shows you another compliment and so on.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Compliments are given to you randomly.
  • You can keep getting complimented by clicking on “I still feel crappy” link.
  • Does not require any settings or signups.
  • Helps improve your mood.

Check out Emergency Compliment @

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