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Often while embedding YouTube videos on your website or blog, you may want to play only a specific portion of the video to your site’s visitors. Your site visitors might also want to zoom in or slow down specific parts of the video while viewing it. All this is now possible if you embed videos with the help of EmbedPlus.


EmbedPlus is a simple and free to use web service that lets you edit the embeddable code for YouTube videos to match your requirements. You start by providing the video’s URL. The next step is to specify the player’s dimensions, the video’s starting time, and any scene markers that you want added. In the next stage you can add annotations and enable the display of latest YouTube comments and Tweets on the video.


And that is all! Your video will be displayed and can be played. You will see that in addition to standard controls, EmbedPlus’s video playing interface has two extra buttons that let viewers zoom into specific areas of a video and slow down the playing speed.



Above the video viewing interface, you will find the video page’s shortened URL and the video’s embeddable code. All that is left to do is share the URL and/or embed the code in your blog/site.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you embed specific portions of YouTube videos.
  • Lets you add scene markers.
  • Lets you annotate videos.
  • Lets you display recent YouTube comments and Tweets related to the video.
  • Provides embeddable code and shortened URL for your video.

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