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How do you normally embed Facebook objects on your WordPress blog?  Do you copy some code, edit it, and then paste it on your site?  Thanks to Embed Facebook, you now have a much easier solution.

embed facebook pages

Embed Facebook is a wonderful Facebook plug-in that easily embeds facebook pages into your WordPress website. Take a look at the image above, for instance; that is how a Facebook album will look when embedded with Embed Facebook. And here is how a Facebook video will look on your WordPress blog.

embed facebook pages

After installing the plug-in, all you have to do is paste the URL of the Facebook object into your WordPress post. The plug-in will automatically detect the object and embed it. The objects the plug-ins detects include albums, events, groups, notes, photos, and videos.


  • A great web tool.
  • Works as a plug-in for WordPress blogs.
  • Lets WordPress blog owners easily embed Facebook objects.
  • Automatically recognizes the Facebook object via URL and embeds it.

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