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The Email Game is a useful web application which can change how we read and reply to emails. It transforms the traditional email system into an addictive game where you get points for reading and replying to emails. The service is currently compatible with Gmail and Google Apps accounts only. If you want to use it with other email providers, you can sign up for a Professional or Enterprise plan which provides Outlook/Exchange support.

email game

Once installed, you must give the application authorization to access your Gmail account. Then it will redirect you to where it will open unread emails from your inbox one by one. Your task is to read and respond to it within 90 seconds. You can either reply to the email, skip it, archive, delete or boomerang it (boomerang archives the email and brings it back after an allotted time defined by the user).

If you complete the task before the timer is zero, you get points. If you want to stop the game, you can click on the pause button in the top left corner and close the tab/window. One thing which I don’t like about the application is that it automatically adds an email signature about the Email Game.

The service offers Professional and Enterprise plans starting from $10/month with more exciting features.



  • Free and easy to use.
  • Works with Gmail and Google Apps account
  • Read and respond to emails in a productive manner
  • Offers professional and enterprise plans

Check out The Email Game @ or from Chrome Web Store @

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