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Evernote is a useful digital file drawer Why You Should Be Using Evernote As Your Go-To Place For Remembering Everything Why You Should Be Using Evernote As Your Go-To Place For Remembering Everything Remember Everything. That’s the Evernote motto and that’s what it allows you to do best. If you aren't familiar yet with Evernote, you’re in for a real treat! If you have heard of it, but... Read More , but launching and adding notes can be as tedious as hunting for a pen paper to record a phone number. Newly released universal iOS app EverMemo (free) aims to speed up that process.

Last year I reviewed five powerful apps to export content to Evernote Quickly Export Content to Evernote With These 5 Powerful Apps [iOS] Quickly Export Content to Evernote With These 5 Powerful Apps [iOS] If you use Evernote on your iPad or iPhone, you may have found it difficult to get copies of articles, snippets of text, or photos from you device into your Evernote account without having to... Read More , and while those apps have unique features, EverMemo provides a more direct and clean integration that avid and heavy users of Evernote might find more efficient.

What EverMemo Does

EverMemo can be used as a stand-alone iOS notes app, but it’s more useful for backing up and syncing with your Evernote account. When you add and save a note, it gets synced to the EverMemo notebook, which is automatically created in your Evernote.

EverMemo note

The EverMemo keyboard includes an undo/redo button, and two other buttons — one for selecting and formatting bulleted lists, and the other for indenting selected text.

In EverMemo’s preferences you can enable a setting that will cause EverMemo to automatically paste content from the iOS clipboard to a new note after the app is launched. If you go ahead and enable this feature you might want to disable the app from creating a new memo each time it’s launched, which will prevent unwanted clipboard content from being pasted until you manually create a new note. You can also change the font size and style of the text, and enable a dark “night mode” for the UI.


Card Layout

EverMemo uses a beautiful card layout for all of your saved notes. Each note shows a preview of the content, including the date and time they were saved. Notes are also searchable and can be viewed offline.

EverMemo cards

Dragging a card leftward reveals a panel of three menu items, one for archiving or deleting a note, another for assigning a color (more about this below), and one for pinning a note to the top of the stack.

EverMemo menu items

Colored Memos

As you can see in the EverMemo layout above, cards can be color-coded. This is useful, but it is also one of the four in-app paid features, each of which costs $0.99 a piece. In the most recent update of EverMemo, custom labels can be assigned to individual colors. This is done in preferences.

EverMemo labels

The colors are also useful for managing and filtering notecards for better browsing.

EverMemo color labels

The other three in-app purchases include a calculator (which only inserts the answer to an equation in a note), reminder alerts and a passcode lock. You can unlock one feature for free by inviting a friend to download EverMemo, then scanning their EverMemo QR code to unlock the feature.

Sharing & QR Codes

EverMemo includes one particularly cool and unexpected feature called Mocha, which allows users to anonymously share and download to and from a global EverMemo public wall. Shared notes are not organized or tagged, but if you have a little time on your hands to scroll and browse, you might come across a few useful memos.

EverMemo mocha

Another interesting EverMemo feature includes a QR Code scanner. In addition to using it to scan for a free in-app feature, you can write a note at and save it as QR code, which can then be scanned by other EverMemo users. You scan the code below to test out the feature.

Qr code

Great for Evernote Users

EverMemo is a useful app for quickly getting notes into Evernote. You might use it for taking quick notes or for particular types of content, similar to how I use five different notebooks How & Why I Use 5 Digital Notebooks to Stay Productive How & Why I Use 5 Digital Notebooks to Stay Productive I use five different notebooks. Why? Because each has a distinct purpose or feature that helps me stay productive. Read More for unique purposes.

Unfortunately, EverMemo does have a few missing features that some users may be looking for. These include an inability to add clickable URLs to a note, no images, and no way to tag notes. Also, while syncing notes between EverMemo and Evernote works fine, some text formatting applied to notes in Evernote is just not supported by EverMemo. EverMemo’s developers have said that they plan to keep their app simple and uncluttered by not including more features.

Download: EverMemo (free)

Let us know what you think of EverMemo and what features you would like to see added.

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