What Do You Think Of Electronic Christmas Cards? [MakeUseOf Poll]

polls   What Do You Think Of Electronic Christmas Cards? [MakeUseOf Poll]Last week we asked you what you thought of Facebook’s new Timeline profiles. It seems that there is no real consensus about Timeline profiles, and while some people think they’re great, others can’t stand them.

Out of 370 voters, 32% think the new profiles are great, 24% don’t think it matters that much, 36% don’t like Timeline and wish they didn’t have to switch, and 8% don’t even use Facebook and therefore couldn’t care less.

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Facebook put a lot of work into Timeline, yet its success seems to be only halfhearted.  Among people who actually care about it, Timeline is definitely not a smashing hit. With a third of the voters not liking it and not wanting to switch, it might be time for Facebook to go back to the drawing boards. On the other hand, many people don’t like changes in Facebook in general, so it might just be one  more thing to get used to.

image10   What Do You Think Of Electronic Christmas Cards? [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: What Do You Think Of Electronic Christmas Cards?

Sending Christmas cards is a long-lived tradition, and for many people it symbolizes the togetherness and friendship of the holiday season. Some people like to keep in touch with friends by writing a personal Christmas card every year, while for others this is more of a chore they perform out of politeness. Electronic Christmas cards are a fast and easy way to send out lots of cards without the extra work of going out to buy cards, sitting down to write each one and then going out to the mailbox to mail them. So what is your preferred tradition?

If you prefer regular paper cards, what makes them better? And what makes electronic cards the better choice to spread some Christmas cheer?

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Nicholas Webster

I use e cards all the time!


And you never have a problem with people thinking they’re viruses or just not opening them or getting them filtered as spam?

Joel Lee

I subconsciously treat all e-cards with the same attitude that I treat spam. They’re more than impersonal, in my opinion. Then again, I’m against the whole tradition of card giving anyway. Haha!


Well, I hope you voted for the last option then! :)

Mr E

E-cards are too synonymous with spam/virus-like-tricks. I never open any e-mail that says ‘You’ve received an e-card’.


That really is a problem. I guess they really do look sketchy. Next thing you know they will need your Google account user and pass to access the card… :)

Susendeep Dutta

My friends get pleased when I send them e-card for any occasion and now they send me “Thank You” e-card whenever I send them e-card.


That’s great! Nice to know people really use them on a regular basis.


People may assume they are viruses

R Ze

I like both ecards and paper ones. It doesn’t matter to me. Plus, I don’t have a problem if the ecard goes to spam. I check my spam everyday and delete it even though it gets automatically deleted cause I have nothing better to do.


I haven’t received many ecards from personal friends, so I focused on ecards from businesses with my vote.

I find getting ecards from businesses insulting.

It takes no care, or real dedication, to load a list of customers into an email-distribution system like MailChimp, so whilst their words may be saying “you are a valued customer”, the actions taken to send those words do not reflect it.
Unless their ecards PROVE my value by sharing discounts or similar, I basically delete them straight away (or after requesting I be unsubscribed from their list).

For between friends, I’d prefer a physical card or a phone call.
For between businesses & clients, don’t bother unless you are giving something away to show your customers their value.


Would you like to receive an actual card from a business, even it doesn’t contain a discount of some kind?


I suppose I grade the cards I receive by the amount of effort it took the sender.

By this measure e-cards are better than nothing but nowhere near as good as a hand written card.


Would you expect the same amount of effort from really close friends and friends you don’t talk to very often?

I mean, I’m just wondering if an e-card would be more acceptable from some people than others, judging by effort.


I love ecards because I can send them at the last second or schedule them for weeks in advance and either way they get there on time, unlike snail mail cards. They also often are musical or otherwise active, which is something paper cards can’t equal. On top of that there is no postage, nothing to recycle or throw away, and they can be personalized as easily as any paper card. I subscribed to the ecard maker I really like (don’t know if I’m allowed to mention her by name?)  because for the year I can send as many cards as I like for any occasion for what I would have spent on 2 premium paper cards, and they are fun, beautiful, whimsical and artistic. My 2 cents ;-)


Thanks! Those are very good reasons to use e-cards.


paper cards , according to me , consider more precious than e cards. e card has a limited impact , on the other you can keep paper card with you for the rest of your life .my vote goes to paper card.