Elder Scrolls Skyrim Update Launches – Do NOT Update, It Has Major Problems [News]

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skyrim 300x300   Elder Scrolls Skyrim Update Launches   Do NOT Update, It Has Major Problems [News]Bethesda has issued the highly anticipated patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and all seemed right with the world. It fixed the issue that PlayStation 3 owners were having with playing the game for long stretches (and let’s be real, everyone who plays Skyrim plays for long time periods). It also fixed the problem with Xbox 360s not showing high-resolution textures if the game is installed to the hard drive.

The patch also fixed all kinds of other bugs that players were encountering during the game such as small issues with the way dragon corpses behaved and dead bodies showing up to your wedding. However, those glitches are all minor compared to the game breaking glitch that the patch actually creates. People who have updated already are experiencing resistance to magical effects being non-existent. So if you are wearing a piece of armor that boosts your flame resistance it would be negated by this bug, and the flame would do full damage.

In some cases players have also reported weird behavior from dragons where they fly backwards and sometimes just fly around without showing any interest in engaging the player.

2011 10 25 skyrim dragon e1321895120545   Elder Scrolls Skyrim Update Launches   Do NOT Update, It Has Major Problems [News]

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It is recommended that you do not update to this version for the time being. Disconnect your Xbox or PS3 from the Internet while playing Skyrim, and turn off any auto updates on the PC. The issues are being reported more heavily on the console versions, but there have been reports of PC players experiencing issues as well. Bethesda is aware of the problem.

Source: EuroGamer

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Dang.  And here I was all eager for those arrows to finally disappear from my body, and for all dragons to give me souls… alas.

Thanks for the heads up.


on PC by chance?


Nope, unfortunately! 360. I just disconnected the ethernet cable.


Arrows still stuck from 3rd person fight with an archer ? If so, pick another fight with one in 1st person and let a few arrows hit you… then they should all disappear … worked for me!

Abhishek Indoria



Cry about it bro.  Try not being a slave to reddit or memebase or whatever homosexual site you got “y u no” from.. BTW the girl you have the inside jokes with from memebase will never have sex with you.



Abhishek Indoria

Anybody knows what he/she said? :P

Tyler Beatty



Clear your cache if you already updated. Then disconnect and play!

Dave LeClair

As far as I know this doesn’t work. From what I have read once you apply to update you are stuck.


if u clear ur system cache is deletes the update


Does anyone else think it’s weird that the update installs to the cache on the 360? Fallout never did that…


Fallout did it the same way.

Kaylesha Blackheart

I can’t get Skyrim (PC) to go past the little screen where you click PLAY to start the game.  It keeps going back to this screen, refusing to play the game.

Dave LeClair

Try uninstalling and re-installing to game.


Have you also tried lowering your settings and/or updating your graphics card’s driver?

Nosmo King

Chances are you have a broken save. Try using ‘Load’ and go to a different but still recent autosave.


you can’t load different saves because you can’t get past the launcher window and all you can click from there is play


Some of the mods are having an effect on the update.  For example the Val Crafting Meltdown will not allow your game to start so you will need to remove that from your data folder and that’s what worked for me and I am able to play it again.  So check out your mods to see if that is the problem.


the exact same thing is happening for me


If i’m correct, you can remove the update from pc if you go to your control panel ~ uninstall program ~ view installed update.. It might show up there.. Anyone try that yet?


Nevermind, scratch that, dumb moment, that’s for system updates.. =/ bummer.


Well as to the dragons flying around sometimes without attacking or showin interest, it was happening to me before the update.

Skyrim Geek

That Always Happens To Me… I Don’t Mind Though… I Already Have Like 34578 Dragon Souls


dammit already updates.. =(


there is no rule saying dragons have to attack you. it happened to me a few times before the update.


PC version won’t go past the black screen with the skyrim logo. Anyone else having this issue?

Dave LeClair

I would try uninstalling the game, as far as I know the update doesn’t cause issues like that.


I read this as I was updating…


they need to fix the bug where house items such as weapon racks and displays do not work for some people


PC is having the same problems as others, it goes to start screen and won’t let me actually launch the game. Just keeps going back to the main screen with the play button. How do I fix this? :/

Dave LeClair

I think uninstalling the game might help. You could also refer to MUO answers and see if some of the experts there can help!


My problem is,the new update has stuffed up my controls,i can no longer use my mouse for lockpicking

Brian Raser

i am having an issue where it will load and play on the pc but if i die and it goes to the load screen it closes to desktop with no error message.


Dragons ignore me even before the patch.  They also get distracted by other creatures and fly off to fight them instead, instead of the F@king DRAGONBORN hello I’m right here!

M.S. Smith

No problems here.


NOOOOOOOO!!! I just started the update seconds before I clicked this page!!

f b

can anybody be more clear as to what a dead body to a wedding looks like? it’s the dead player alive? or there is a corpse slomping over the seat? Cause in a world of dragons and 1000 coins can buy you a murder of an annoying Nord…..I can live with zombie guests. BTW why isnt the raise zombie spell called necromancy when you use it on a dead human? what gives?

Dave LeClair

I haven’t actually seen it, I’ve only read about it.


if you have already done the update just delete it…. if you want to play skyrim and still be on xbox live just load the game up offline then whilst playing connect to xboxlive…


I haven’t noticed anything different after the update. Everything seems to be running fine and I’ve been playing it nonstop sense the update.


I am very disappointed with Skyrim on PC.  It keeps disconnecting for every 30 mins or 1 hour.  I spent $60 on this crap.  I hoping we can get a patch for this issue. 


I’m having the dragon problem it makes my game glitch so hard that everstwp I take takes like 3 seconds and it seems to happen almost everytime I see one I downloaded the update un aware of what would happens just hoped it fixed the thieves guild mission I could never start. I hope they fix this issue soon I’ve got almost 250 hours in this game n its breaking my heart…


Oh. N one more thing I wanna make dragon weapons. Daedric weapons r out dated, :)


hey can i use skyrim on my pc w/out the patches or an internet connection???


also can i install w/out steam???

Dave LeClair

Disconnect your computer from internet


dude your wrong


To clarify what satyricus is trying to say: If you clear your xbox cache it will remove the game update. However, if you have been playing with the update installed, your game saves after the update will no longer load. “this game was created on a later version of skyrim. Please download updates. ”


Whenever i go into my inventory to equip somehting it takes a literal FULL hour to do it..

Dave LeClair

That’s pretty insane. Did this happen before the patch or after?


yo, which patch is this? 1.3?

Dave LeClair

This is 1.2, it sounds like 1.3 fixes the 2 main issues, but it makes the bookshelf issue worse.


i cannot lockpick anymore, anyone else got that problem as well?

Dave LeClair

I’ve never heard of that one. You may want to uninstall and re-install the game.

Www Adrianhernandez

whens the next update for skyrim?

Dave LeClair

It’s out on PC, and will be out on console any day now.


hey has anyone else had a problem with the weapon racks/mounts not letting you place weapons on them? mainly with the house in solitude? and my house in whindhelm keeps making armour sets on my maniquines come back every time i leave the house lol.. i also have that stupid dragon glitch where one just keeps flying backwards an upside down :/ its funny but sucks balls, i also cant complete some quests and i dont wanna start all over again cose im level 54

Dave LeClair

The patch that fixes these issues should arrive any day now. It’s out for PC and is in the approval process for consoles. You may want to just play something else for the time being.


What if the hud is just non-existant in the game??

Dave LeClair

That’s a new one for me. Are you playing on PC? If so you may want to try uninstalling the game. 

this guy

i updated it and have been playing for about 2 hours now and buged out 2 times So, i quit the game, cleared the systems cache, then disconnected from xbox live and tried to play and it told be that the game was saved on a newer update and that i need to download it to play… what do i do???

Dave LeClair

To my knowledge you will have to update again. 1.3 is out and I’ve been playing it without issue!


how do i remove an update because this update seems to have made thing worst

Dave LeClair

To my knowledge you cannot remove an update, but you may want to bring your question Makeuseof Answers and see if one of the experts there can help! http://www.makeuseof.com/answers


I already installed this patch on my Xbox 360. Does anyone know if it is safe to uninstall it without affecting my saves?

Message me or reply on this page.

-Gamertag: FermentedLemon


I cant even play the game after the update. When I load my game it stays in the loading screen but that’s it. Anybody getting this too?



were you able to solve this issue in the meantime?

If not I recommend asking a question over at MakeUseOf Answers. We have a Gaming category there.


Well i havent even been given the option to update yet. And does anyone know why i cant marry anybody? ive done more than several personal quests for the people so i can marry them but the option never comes up. And yes, I have the Amulet of Mara equipped.


i dnt have problem with my game O_O xbox360


My Dragon battle axe and hammer’s are bugged I can’t see them in my hand can anyone help please??? I’ve goggles it and no one seems to have this problem

Dave LeClair

hmm, that’s a new one for me, you may want to try taking your question to MakeUseOf Answers and see if one of our experts over there can help you out! http://www.makeuseof.com/answers


terrible loading problems