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Elder Scrolls Skyrim Update Launches - Do NOT Update, It Has Major Problems [News] skyrim 300x300Bethesda has issued the highly anticipated patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and all seemed right with the world. It fixed the issue that PlayStation 3 owners were having with playing the game for long stretches (and let’s be real, everyone who plays Skyrim plays for long time periods). It also fixed the problem with Xbox 360s not showing high-resolution textures if the game is installed to the hard drive.

The patch also fixed all kinds of other bugs that players were encountering during the game such as small issues with the way dragon corpses behaved and dead bodies showing up to your wedding. However, those glitches are all minor compared to the game breaking glitch that the patch actually creates. People who have updated already are experiencing resistance to magical effects being non-existent. So if you are wearing a piece of armor that boosts your flame resistance it would be negated by this bug, and the flame would do full damage.

In some cases players have also reported weird behavior from dragons where they fly backwards and sometimes just fly around without showing any interest in engaging the player.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Update Launches - Do NOT Update, It Has Major Problems [News] 2011 10 25 skyrim dragon e1321895120545

It is recommended that you do not update to this version for the time being. Disconnect your Xbox or PS3 from the Internet while playing Skyrim, and turn off any auto updates on the PC. The issues are being reported more heavily on the console versions, but there have been reports of PC players experiencing issues as well. Bethesda is aware of the problem.

Source: EuroGamer


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