Egofly Hawkspy LT-712 Helicopter with Spy Camera Review and Giveaway

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Geeks will go crazy over anything that can be remotely controlled. So I am fairly certain that this is up a geek’s alley. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Egofly Hawkspy radio-controlled helicopter (LT-712) from Xenon Project which retails for $69.99. They also carry an entire line of remote control helicopters which is worth a look. What sets the Hawkspy apart from other RC helicopters is the addition of an onboard camera that can be triggered from the transmitter.

I have to be honest here, I haven’t reviewed many RC helicopters — none, in fact. But if you’ll bear with me, I’ll try my best to go over the Hawkspy. We’ll also be giving this review unit away to a MakeUseOf reader so be sure to join the giveaway and be in the running to win it.

hawkspy review

For $70, you’ll get the Hawkspy, its remote control (transmitter), a 1GB MicroSD card, a (very bright orange) MicroSD card reader, a spare tail blade, 4 landing skid rubbers, a wall charger and the user manual. The first I did was throw away the user manual — it was most probably written and printed in China and therefore extremely confusing. I learnt more about flying an RC helicopter by browsing on YouTube for instructional videos. There was however, one important fact about the Hawkspy that did come through the user manual — it shouldn’t be charged any longer than an hour to 75 minutes. That was about it.

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The helicopter unit is smaller than I had anticipated; measuring at 12.5 inches, which is roughly the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger on an average human. It’s also extremely light, being made out of mostly plastic trim and an aluminium frame.

The main attraction of the Hawkspy is most definitely its onboard “spy” camera which is mounted at the bottom of the unit. The fixed forward-facing camera is activated by a button on the transmitter and once enabled, it records video only at a resolution of 720×480 in MJPEG format directly into the MicroSD card.

egofly hawkspy review

Where the MicroSD card slots into the camera unit is pictured below. There’s also an LED light to indicate when recording is in progress. Although the camera isn’t capable of recording in high definition, I found the quality of the video to be acceptable even in low light conditions. There are quite a lot of videos recorded by the Hawkspy on YouTube so I won’t bore you with any of my test footages. The only thing that’s missing from the entire setup is a way to remotely view the captured video without actually having to remove the MicroSD card and inserting it into the reader. It would have been nice to actually see what’s being recorded in real-time. But then again, for a $70 toy, that is probably asking too much.

egofly hawkspy review

Now, operation. The mode-2-ish transmitter requires a whopping 6 AA batteries to operate. The retractable antenna is able to control the helicopter up to 90 meters away. On the left, you’ll find the throttle control (makes the helicopter fly higher or lower). The rudder and the forward/backwards flying directions are controlled on the right. The power slider is smack right in the middle, which an LED indicator right above it. RC helicopter hobbyists will probably point out that the cyclic controls are sort of inadequate — the right/left cyclic controls are missing so the helicopter isn’t able to pitch to the left or right.

There is also an additional slider below each control toggle. The one of the right is the ST trim slider, which needs to be adjusted if the helicopter spins to the right or left on its own while in the air. Unfortunately, the slider on the left is a dud and the transmitter is missing throttle and pitch trims.

The two additional buttons on the left and right of the power slider controls the landing and rudder LED lights on the helicopter and the 2-speed mode (which didn’t make any difference during testing) respectively.

hawkspy review

On a full charge, the Egofly Hawkspy provides you with 10-15 minutes of flying fun. The included 1GB MicroSD card is more than sufficient to record your entire flight session.


The Hawkspy is a novelty toy with the added capability of recording video. It’s certainly a fun toy to have around. It’s small, light and pretty durable. If the flight time could be improved, I’d easily recommend it.

We’re giving one away this week! Join the giveaway below to be in the running to win a free Egofly Hawkspy.

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Phillip H. Blanton

I have this helicopter. I paid about $85 for mine online. There is a little mall booth at my local shopping mall that sells RC helicopters and for this one, they wanted $199. I liked it, and watched the booth operator fly it all around the three story hub of the mall, but I told my wife, “I’ll bet it is much cheaper online” and boy was I right.

This being my first RC helicopter, I crashed it a lot. At first I only flew it in my large, sparsely furnished living room, but eventually the time came to try it outside. The only large open space outside is in the street in front of my house. One day, the weather was nice, so I took it out to give it a try. Within five minutes, I had crashed it hard enough to break a rotor blade.

I went online and found a company that sells replacement rotor blades and bought ten. I waited…

When the rotor blades came in, I replaced the broken one and went outside again. Within 5 minutes, I had crashed hard enough to break a rotor blade bracket. I found a place that sells replacement rotor blade brackets online and ordered four sets. Then I waited…

The new brackets just came in and the helicopter is whole again. I am waiting for it to charge before giving it another try.

My advice to anyone who thinks this would be a good starter RC helicopter is to think again. It is big enough to break badly when crashed and it doesn’t come with any replacement parts, except for the tail-rotor which isn’t an actual tail rotor. My original tail rotor is still pristine.

If you buy this helicopter, you need to have extra rotor blades, and the little parts that connect them to the main drive shaft.


Jose Lozano

This Helicopter with spy camera is amazing, even when I’ve seen the quality of the videos is not as good as I’d like, its a great toy, it still is an RC Helicopter, a little small for my taste because I like larger RC Helicopters, like a 3.5 Channel Gyro Helicopter, which in fact is the one I have, since it is a robust helicopter I can mount a Go Pro camera to it and I have better images; of course that is not as cheap as 70 USD but hey, if I want to have something good I have to pay the price for it, Golden Rule!

Thanks for Sharing, I’d have liked to participate in the Give away, too late I guess.
Great Post Jackson!

Jose Lozano





Rob Long

Be fun to play with.


Tom Sobieski

“it was most probably written and printed in China and therefore extremely confusing”
Oh, Jackson.
??????????? !


Kaycee Byron

I have been looking at one of these, thanks for the review.



The heli design is really elaborate, a shame that it got a transmitter of poor quality. Once I got a working transmitter on eBay, the sudden drops stopped and this buddy flies like a dream.
Video quality is great!
Another important point in the manual sez: After flying, let the LiPo battery cool down first, before recharging.

– Don’t you ever forget to turn off the video camera by remote control BEFORE turning of the helicopter power switch. If you forget to do so, the video you just grabbed will be empty (you get a file with zero KB in length) and that last kamikaze mission (where you spectacularly wrecked the heli) is lost.
– Vulnerable parts:
— Landing gear: When doing a violent landing, this likes to break off close to the helicopter base. Stick on those skid rubbers!
— Plastic head of the inner rotor shaft – don’t crash into a ceiling, rather let the heli drop down! If you do break it, look for two little metal pins that held the rotor support in place – they are not included with the shaft replacement, and you would have to file some steel nails to size…
— Rotor blades (who would have guessed…) Rather make a bail out drop than hitting something with these. I actually managed to buy replacement rotor blades for a completely different heli model and “dremel out” the differences.
– You can get replacement parts nearly only on eBay.
Have fun!

Phillip H. Blanton

I found a place in australia that sells all of the replacement parts for this helicopter. Unfortunately if you live in the US, then your shipping will be higher than the total cost of parts. These parts are actually pretty cheap.

So, if you need a lot of parts (I’d suggest making a list of parts that you expect to need in the future) then place an order with and pay the confiscatory shipping fees.


the helli is only able to fly indores, so forget about spying as wind is taking it away and it’s too week to resist. it’s problem for all coaxial hellies, they nicely hover but can’t fly fast to resist wind. My question: what is the voltage for the built in camera. I removed the camera to use separatelly as helli is useless outdores and indores normally with bad illumination video is trash

Phillip H. Blanton

yeah, I agree… this is probably a helicopter for indoors use or only on really calm days. But it is cheap and a good learner model.


Awais Karni

Nice.. giveaway


Nelson Lee

Wow!!! My son sure like it


Nelson Lee

wow… son sure like it!!

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