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Students and financial aid departments of universities are constantly on the lookout for the best finance plan for students. With so many student loan schemes out there, it often becomes difficult to compare them all. Here to help you with the matter is a web service called EduLender.

compare student loans

EduLender is a student loan scheme comparison website that will help students and financial aid departments of universities. The site lets you specify your zip code, university name, and degree type. It then searches for available loan schemes and presents them in a neat manner (see image above). Links to each scheme are given. You can narrow down your search by changing your loan type and repayment length.


In addition to the loan package comparison tool, the site’s free feature includes a fundraiser; students can create a fundraising page to ask for money from relatives and friends. Payments are processed through Paypal with EduLender not charging anything.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you compare student loan packages.
  • Searches for loan schemes according to area, degree, and university.
  • Lets you specify loan type and repayment duration to narrow searches.

Check out EduLender @

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