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Pinterest was launched not too long ago. But in this short span, this online networking platform has gained a large number of followers who simply “pin” the things they like to their profile. There are many Pinterest-like websites popping up that are offering the same service but for a specific target audience. Such a networking tool for teachers and educators of any type is the site called EduClipper.

social bookmarking for educators

EduClipper is a free to use website that helps educators connect with one another using social bookmarking. Basically, the site is a ‘visual bookmarking’ tool – things you like and add will appear on your feed as thumbnails, like in the image above. When you find somebody else’s shared in your feed, you can click on it to view it, re-clip it, share it, like it, or flag it.


In addition to pinning URLs you like to your profile, you can also add documents such as Word files and PDF documents to your timeline. Shared videos can be played right on the interface and Google Drive files can be added directly to your EduClipper. All of these features make it possible for educators to set up a class to which you can add students. If you are the teacher of the classroom, then you will have control over what is shared and the comments that appear on the board.

In this way, EduClipper is not only a tool for teachers to follow what other educators are sharing, but also a tool that provides another medium for teachers and students to interact with one another.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • A social bookmarking website for educators.
  • Lets you share and view what other teachers are sharing.
  • Lets you setup a virtual classroom to share interesting things with students.

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