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I’m a sucker for iPhone cases. Most of the cases I’ve owned leaned more towards functionality rather than aesthetics. In other words, they weren’t pretty. When Edge Design came long with their Alfa and Aktiv cases, I couldn’t resist dumping my old mantra and use a case purely as a case.

We have 2 Edge Design Alfa and 1 Aktiv iPhone 4/4S cases (and some accessories) totalling over $300 to give away this week! You might want to find out what they are and how they look like, so cue the review!

The Edge Design Alfa case first started life as a Kickstarter project by Andreas Paaske. After the project successfully reached its goal of over $5000 with the help of 49 backers, production began. Today, a wide variety of Edge Design cases are sold on their online store in an assortment of colours.

edge design alfa review

At $99 a pop, the Alfa case isn’t cheap. I have to admit though, it looks rather impressive. And if looks could kill, this case would be an assassin. Combining styling inspirations from Pininfarina and aircraft grade aluminum, Edge Design managed to make a case that’s stylish and modern. Each case is shipped with a sturdy water resistant pouch (see below). Although I had a hard time removing the Alfa case from the pouch, I could very easily fit my iPhone in there.

edge design alfa review


Now on to the Alfa case itself. The brushed aluminium body comes in a variety of anodised colours: silver, blue-gray, brown, grey, light-gold, black. A coloured polymer band runs along the sides of the case to hold the iPhone in place and prevents it from touching the metal chassis. And yes, before you ask, the bands are interchangeable and can also be purchased from their online store for $9 each.

edge design alfa iphone review

The review unit pictured above is a grey Alfa case with the navy band — pretty classic colour combination. As you may have noticed, the final product varied slightly from the mockup in Kickstarter. For example, there are 2 recesses on their side of the case, which probably help to provide a bit of room when putting on the polymer band and accentuate its colour. The company’s logo also changed from the mockup, now sporting mirrored E’s, which in my mind, is über svelte.

On the inside, you’ll find a layer of felt which assists in slipping the iPhone into the case without damaging it. Hidden in the top left hand corner, you’ll find some markings. It’s actually the case’s serial number. These cases are serialised!

edge design alfa iphone review

The polymer band snaps off to reveal a gap at the bottom of the case where the iPhone is inserted.

edge design alfa iphone case review

It can actually snap off completely (the bands are interchangeable, remember?). The band itself is a rubber polymer and feels rigid yet flexible at the same time. It’s not too fragile in any way. In fact, I’d just like to note that nothing about this entire case feels fragile.

edge design alfa iphone case review

Once the iPhone is in place, it looks something like this. The Edge Design Alfa case does provide some sort of “wow” factor. Immediately, your eyes are drawn to that coloured polymer band that runs around the case.

edge design alfa iphone case review

Then as you look closer, you’ll begin to notice the brushed aluminium chassis.

edge design alfa iphone review

Access to the dock connector is unhindered, and so are the speakers.

edge design alfa iphone review

The volume rockers and mute switch can be a little hard to reach but otherwise manageable.

edge design alfa iphone review

There are also recesses for the sleep/wake button as well as the headphone jack, which I highly appreciate.

edge design alfa iphone review

Overall, the Edge Design Alfa case is pretty solid, and is very good looking. However, there are some chinks in its armour.

edge design alfa review

First of all, I feel highly insecure that the only thing holding my iPhone in the case is the polymer band. I would have liked some sort of locking mechanism. Something that goes “click” to indicate that it’s firmly in place, you know?

edge design alfa review

Secondly, the edges of its aluminium chassis are rather sharp, probably because it was new. There were a couple of near-misses during my review. Lastly, it’s pretty bulky, even compared with the battery case I reviewed earlier.

Nevertheless, the Edge Design Alfa case is an amazing eye candy. Plus, with interchangeable bands, you can’t possibly feel bored with it. It’s unique, and that’s what most people want in an iPhone case. And in that aspect, the Edge Design Alfa case is a winner.

We’re giving away this review unit, along with a black Alfa case, an orange Aktiv case, plus a couple of interchangeable bands to go with your new case. Find out how to win one below.

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