Edcanvas: Create Awesome Canvases For Teaching Your Students

Are you a teacher looking for a cool and different way to teach your students? This new website called Edcanvas could be just the ticket. With this site, you can create customized canvases that offer a new and exciting way to teach students. You can implement all kinds of elements into your canvas to build a cool way for your students to learn new information.

edvanvas1   Edcanvas: Create Awesome Canvases For Teaching Your Students

Using the site is incredibly simple. You just type what you are looking for into the box on the right and add it to the canvas. It can search lots of different web services to add into your canvas. You can get YouTube videos, photos from Flickr general web searches on Google, and more. This allows you to add any kind of media, which helps you teach your students no matter how they learn.

edcanvas2   Edcanvas: Create Awesome Canvases For Teaching Your Students

You can use this site to get access to canvases created by other users. This can help you get some ideas for things to include in your cool canvases, or you can just use one created by another teacher if it matches your subject matter.

This is a really cool website that I wish was around when I was in school. It could have made my classes much more interesting.


  • Create canvases to use for class.
  • Easy to add items to the presentation.
  • Add from sites like Flickr, Google, and YouTube.
  • Share and view other members’ canvases.

Find Edcanvas @ edcanvas.com

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