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Filling out crossword puzzles is fun. But making them using regular drawing tools and text editing programs is not very fun. What you need is an app dedicated to the creation of crosswords. EclipseCrossword is precisely that app.

easily create crossword

EclipseCrossword is a freeware desktop application for Windows computers. The app’s setup file is sized at only 500KB and installs quickly. After installation you can start creating your crosswords. The first step is to type in your words list. The words lists contain words to go in the crossword along with their clues. You can save word lists to reuse in the future.

Next you select a size for your crossword puzzle. Finally you export your puzzle to a file that can be printed out so you can share it with friends to fill.



  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Lets you create crosswords.
  • Lets you save and reuse word lists.
  • You customize size of puzzle.
  • Exports data to various file types.
  • Similar tools: TeamCrossword, VocabGenii, Knoword, Wordstash, MyIntercambio, Howjsay, VocabSushi and Memorista.

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