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Pretty cool online calculator and unit converter. eCalc offers two types of calculators, a basic and a scientific one. Basic version works as a simple web-based alternative to calculators that you can find in pretty much any convenient store. Add, subtract, multiply, divide, square root, etc. For more advanced calculations there is a scientific version which also comes with a unit converter (see screenshot below).

eCalc - Online Calculator and Unit Converter


  • Web based multifunctional calculator and unit converter.
  • Equation Solver, Scientific Functions, Complex Numbers, Decimal to Fraction, RPN or Algebraic.
  • Unit Converter for Mass, Time, Power, Volume, Area, Length, Energy, Temp, Force and Pressure units.
  • Free, no sign-up or registration needed.
  • Take a look at eCalc video demo here.

Check out eCalc @

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