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The eBuddy XMS application for iOS and Android has launched worldwide and is set to change phone messaging as we know it. The eBuddy XMS application is a free messaging system which allows you to send more than just SMS to your contacts, including pictures and emoticons.

To use eBuddy, once verified, all that is required is an Internet connection. So, unlike sending messages and pictures via your phone, the eBuddy service will be free from additional phone charges. If you’re using free Wi-Fi or your home Internet there are no additional costs. If you use your phone’s data plan you may be charged for your Internet usage, depending on your plan.

To get the eBuddy application, see the eBuddy XMS Android application and the eBuddy XMS iOS application on iTunes. The eBuddy application even works on the iPhone Touch, although users will need a valid mobile number to verify the account.

Users of eBuddy XMS need to verify their phone number with an SMS verification. Once verified, eBuddy will automatically scan for contacts already using eBuddy XMS. Users can also link their Facebook account to eBuddy in order to find new contacts or send out an invite via Twitter or SMS.


Messages are sent in real time and eBuddy XMS will show you when messages are sent and read.

The eBuddy application is similar to other free SMS applications such as Textie Textie - The Ultimate iPhone Messaging App Textie - The Ultimate iPhone Messaging App Read More and ConnectMe however eBuddy is available worldwide.

Have you tried eBuddy XMS? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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