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Do you like to read books on your iPod, PDA or some other portable device? Here is nice website to add to your bookmarks, it’s called eBookHood. Using eBookHood you can:

    1. Search and download ebooks for free. There are no restrictions on the number of ebooks you can download.

    2. Convert text and webpages to iPod and other portable device readable formats. You can convert webpages, basic text, text files and RSS feeds.

convert text for ipod


  • Convert plain text files, webpages and RSS feeds to ebooks for your portable device.
  • Accepted text file formats: TXT and RTF.
  • To convert RSS feeds you need to register.
  • Search, browse and download free ebooks to read on your portable device.
  • Download as many books as you like.
  • See recently added and most popular ebooks on

Check out eBookHood @

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