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It doesn’t matter if you are a casual bird enthusiast or a professional ornithologist, you are bound to like eBird. It is a great resource with tons of information on birds such as their frequency, arrivals and departures, high counts and much more.

You can view this data as charts, histograms, tables or maps. The data can be filtered down by region and species. There are also options to visualize the frequency for your location, save specific tables and keep track of birds and important locations.

You can also contribute data based on your observations and experiments. You can also view various observation records and set alerts for important events.

information on birds


  • View and explore bird related data.
  • See data of up to 5 species on a map.
  • Narrow down results by region and/or species.
  • Save data or keep track of specific birds and locations.
  • See arrivals and departures of birds for any country.
  • Set alerts for reports of interesting birds in a region.
  • Similar tool: IBC

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