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When everything is being made simpler with the help of online tools then why not religious books and texts? After all, that’d give students and individuals an opportunity to go through them who otherwise might be weary of reading those heavy hardcover books. eBible is an online tool that makes reading and going through different aspects of the Bible very simple. You can search through sections, read specific books and chapters, add notes, highlight sentences and do much more.

online bible reading

The best thing about this site is its interface; it is very clean and has absolutely no ads or any clutter similar to ads. You could also use it to link to Bible verses on your website or blog.


  • Read and go through the Bible online.
  • Clean, clutter-free interface.
  • Search through chapters and sections.
  • Link to Bible verses on your website using this tool.
  • Similar tools: Quranflash and iBible,

Check out eBible @

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