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If you are a power shopper on eBay then you probably know by now to check for feedback before making a purchase. However, finding negative feedbacks through the heaps of positive feedback can take time. Fortunately, eBay Negs is a Firefox addon that sorts the seller’s feedback page and lets you view only negative feedback.

view only negative feedback on ebay

Once you have installed the addon, you can click through the context menus to read a seller’s negative feedback. Just right-click on an eBay page then enter a profile name to read the negs within the page or in a new tab. You can also highlight profile names and right-click to bring up any negative/neutral comments in the past 12 months or 30 days.

This tool is a nice addition for eBay buyers who have already been burned a few times. Keeping this handy will help you put the breaks on before your impulse to buy takes over, helping you deal with only the most credible eBay sellers and steering you away from bad deals.


  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Firefox extension.
  • Right click page to read negative feedback on eBay.
  • Read negative feedback in the last 30 days.
  • Similar Tools: Emosi Sosial, Goofbay, GoSnipe, and WeGoLook

Check out the eBay Negs Firefox addon @


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  1. Royf
    May 2, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    eBay lets you see only negative feedback without using any addons. Just click on the count of negatives.