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When searching for an item on eBay, one of the mistakes buyers make is only looking at results from sellers in their own country. But if the buyer is willing to expand their geographical horizons a little bit, they may find an amazing bargain or two. That’s where Geo-Ship comes in to help.

Geo-Ship is a search engine which presents international eBay search results to you on the same page for whatever you are looking for.


Prices are converted into your local currency so you can immediately see what kinds of deals are on offer. You can also filter your search results so it takes into consideration parameters such as buying format, item condition, price range, seller feedback score, and location of the seller (you can choose multiple locations if you want to).


Other features of Geo-Ship include the ability to save your favourite searches, compile a seller’s blacklist, and compile a watch list.  However, these lists are only saved locally in your browser (not online) so if you clear your browser cache, you will lose these lists.  So backups would be advisable.



  • Search for items across multiple international eBay sites.
  • Filter your results according to various parameters.
  • Compile various lists and save them locally in your browser.
  • Similar tool: Multi-Country Search Tool, Basefire, GetItNext and oSkope.

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