Eavesdrop Allows You To Listen In On Your Rdio.com Friends [Updates]

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The streaming music service, Rdio.com, announced Wednesday on it’s blog site, a new third-party Developer’s App called Eavesdrop, which can only be used by subscribers of both the free and paid services of Rdio.

Eavesdrop allows Rdio members to listen in on the music played by other users on your network. The Eavesdrop app is accessed on a separate online site, and you must first allow the online app to access your to Rdio account. The users in your network who also approve Eavesdrop access will show up on your Eavesdrop page.

When you hover your cursor over a user’s avatar, it will flip over to show the album cover of his/her most recently played song. Eavesdrop will allow you to listen to the songs of your Rdio friends roughly at the same time they’re playing them. If and when your friend changes to the next song or another album, those changes will update on your page in approximately 5 seconds. The user you’re listening to, however, will not know that you’re eavesdropping, but the songs they play will appear on your Rdio Recent Activity list.

Each Eavesdrop user also gets a personal Eavesdrop link (e.g., http://eavesdrop.io/Bakaric), which means other Rdio members not in your network can also listen in on what you’re playing.

Eavesdrop is similar to the Recent Activity feature of Rdio itself, which shows the songs and albums people in your network have played. But with Eavesdrop you’re listening to what other users are playing in almost real time.

Source: Rdio Blog

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