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geeky recipesBeing a geek or a tech-lover is all about keeping up with interesting new gadgets, the best operating systems and the most trendy and fun games out there. Once in a while, though, you might get the urge to express your love for all things techy in quite a different way.

Tech-related recipes can be quite a challenge. I’m not going to say they’re easy. But won’t it be worth the effort when all your friends think you’re a genius for making awesome superhero cupcakes or Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters for your next party? Here are some ideas for geeky-inspired recipes, some easier, some harder, but all of them mouth watering!

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

If you’re a fan, or if your friends are fans, or if you all just like trying new drinks, here is an interesting recipe for the intriguing drink from those legendary books – the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

geeky recipes

The recipe includes the original text from the book – the original “recipe” for the Gargle Blaster a la Douglas Adams. There are probably many adaptations of the recipe to the real world, but this is one of the most detailed ones I’ve found.

If you’re a bit more ambitious about Adams, you can try this whale-crushed-petunia-pot cake. The recipe walks you through creating a true-to-form landscape for your whale, and of course the whale itself and this believable crushed petunia pot made of a chocolate cupcake.


creative recipes

Tetris Pixels

Why Tetris Pixels? Well, they’re just similar concepts. And if you like Tetris (or pixels, and who doesn’t like pixels!), be sure to try making these Tetris brownies.

creative recipes

You can serve these as individual brownies and then have all your friends try forming them into lines without smearing frosting everywhere. This could make for an exciting party!

Another option in the same department is making these pixel cookies. This is an image-rich instructable on making pixelized butter cookies. The cool thing about this recipe is that you can use it to make pretty much any shape you want inside the cookies. It’s the method that’s being explained here, and you can use it to let your imagination run wild.

creative recipes


If you love pancakes, you’re going to love Jim’s Pancakes. This guy makes pancakes in any form and size you can imagine, while sharing some of his tips and thoughts on each one. These are not exactly recipes, but if you know how to make a pancake batter, you can sure get some inspiration for these. For example, this is Jim’s iPhone 4S pancake.

recipes for geeks

You can also check out his Millennium Falcons and AT-AT Walkers. A bit hard to make, maybe, but truly awesome. And who knows, maybe you can find your secret pancake skills thank to these!

Superheroes and Other Heroes

I don’t know about you, but I adore superheroes of all kinds. Well, preferably of the Superman or Batman kind, but others will do too. If you share this same love, your next project can be making superhero gingerbread men.

recipes for geeks

This recipe doesn’t include trivialities such as how to make the actual gingerbread men, but you can look at the intricate decorations and try to make your own superhero designs. Even copying these same designs could be a great way to make your very own superheroes.

If this seems a bit much, you can try these simpler superhero cupcakes. Instead of featuring the whole superhero, these make do with their signs and symbols, and are therefore much easier to make.

recipes for geeks

The same blogger who made these also made some simple Star Trek cupcakes you could try, or if you’re really driven, this awesome Godzilla cake (which I would love to make myself).


Angry Birds

A post like this will not be complete without an Angry Birds section. Not because Angry Birds is so important, but there are some Angry Birds recipes out there which are simply too cute to miss. If you’re into cupcakes, try these awesome Angry Birds cupcakes recipe, which includes detailed instructions on making beaks out of slices orange candies and bellies out of sliced marshmallow.


Alternatively, you can try these Angry Birds cake pops, which are possibly harder to make, but are bound to impress your friends and are way more fun to hold and eat. This recipe is not as image-rich, so you’ll have to use your imagination some.

Odds And Ends

If all these specific things are not hitting the spot, and you’re looking for something a bit more general, how about trying these relatively simple computer cupcakes?


These might look complicated to make, but it’s actually simpler than it seems when looking at the actual recipe.

On an entirely different note, you can also decide to go out of your way and make iPhone cupcakes. There are lots of pictures of these around the web, but not a lot of actual recipes. This, too, is not a very detailed recipe, but contains more details than others, including an actual cupcake recipe and some tips on making the sugar decorations.

geeky recipes

If you’re looking for more great things to make, check out:

Did you make any awesome recipe you’d like to share? Are you planning on making some of these for your next party? Share in the comments!

Image credit: Vanilla Moment

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