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If you ever tried to setup a conference call with participants spread all over the world then you probably know how frustrating it is to deal with time differences. So here is a useful website that can make this whole process quick and easy. EasyTZ is a conference scheduler with integrated time zone conversion features.

EasyTZ - Time Zone Conversion

Here is how it works: First you indicate the location of each participant on the map. Once all locations are pinned, go to the small calendar on the sidebar and pick a meeting date and time for your own time zone. Next you should see a list showing the corresponding local times for each participant. If everything seems correct then click on the ‘Email’ button on the sidebar.


  • Schedule conference calls across multiple time zones.
  • Daylight savings times are included so you won’t be caught off guard.
  • Easily set participant’s locations on the map.
  • If you can’t find a location you need, use the “City Search” feature.
  • Zoom into the map for better accuracy.
  • No sign up or registration required.

Go to EasyTZ @

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