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While sharing pictures online, you might want to let people access the picture’s EXIF information as well. Additionally you might want to watermark the picture, in case you want to indicate ownership. Here to help you perform both these tasks easily for any picture is a tool called EasyPhoto.

add exif data to a photo

EasyPhoto is a free utility for Windows computers that lets you add a text watermark and EXIF information to pictures stored on your computer. The app comes in a compressed archived sized under 2MB and the archive contains the app files – you only run the application file without installing anything.

When open, you can drag photos into the program and choose the things you want to add: EXIF information, watermark, and rounded corners. By accessing the app’s options you can modify its visual theme, its language, the watermark text, the text’s font and color, and the image quality settings for exporting images.

add a watermark to a photo


  • A user-friendly desktop.
  • Does not require any installation.
  • Adds a text watermark to your images.
  • Adds EXIF information to images.
  • Can processes images in batches.
  • Similar tools: FindExif, CameraSummaryExifremover.

Check out EasyPhoto @

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  1. PayneLessDesigns
    August 13, 2011 at 8:28 am

    ReadMe.txt file is in Chinese. App file seems to be the  EasyPhoto.bat file which is, I guess, the one you click to run program. Can't read any instructions as they are in Chinese.