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Does it annoy you when someone talks to you while you are busy listening to your headphones? Not only you have to fiddle your phone and turn the music off, but you also have to get back to fiddling and turn it on once you are done talking.

mute music android

An app called Easymute for Android lets you pause or turn down the volume of your music just by putting your hand over your phone, this will allow you to hear people talking to you over headphones. Easymute uses the phone’s proximity sensor to make this action possible. With this gesture, it is like covering your phone for it to keep quiet, which is a very human thing we do.

The app allows you to run on startup, setup notifications, and choose between pause and play or mute with your select action, once you are done talking with your friend and remove your hand from the proximity sensor, the music goes back to its prior state.

This app keeps things simple and lets the phone get out of the way. If you use your phone as your primary music player, then this app is for you.


  • Pause/Play or mute music by putting your hand over your Android phone.
  • Save you time fiddling with your phone.
  • Set up to run on start.
  • Remove the hand over your phone to resume music.

Check out Easymute @

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