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Creating a mosaic of your photographs can be a wonderful way to add a personal effect to them. What would be even greater is that if you could create a mosaic of one of your pictures from pieces of your other pictures. This is what EasyMoza helps you do.

create image mosaics

EasyMoza is a simple and wonderful web service that creates photo mosaics for you. These mosaics are made in a user-friendly way out of pieces that are generated from your own photographs. You start by specifying a main picture from your computer; this photo is what the final mosaic will look like. Next you select a bunch of “˜small photos;’ these small photos are then broken down into even smaller parts by the site’s online program. The small parts are then pieced together to create the mosaic for your main picture.

mosaics of photos

Your resultant mosaic can then be downloaded for free (low resolution) on your computer. You can also have the site generate a “˜Share page’ for your mosaic; the URL of this page can be shared with your online friends so everybody can have a look at your mosaics.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you create mosaics of your pictures.
  • Mosaics are created out of pieces of your own pictures.
  • Resultant mosaics can be downloaded or shared online.
  • Low resolution download is  free.
  • High resolution download also available (not free).

Check out EasyMoza @

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