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If you are ever short of tricks to impress your friends, EasyBarTricks will refill you with several amazing tricks. Each trick is in the form of a video and explains carefully how it works and how not to get caught. You can post comments on each trick or read the ones posted by other users.

You can browse videos by categories such as Magic Tricks, Bar Tricks, Bottle Tricks, Coin Tricks, Lighter Tricks and Cigarette tricks. You can also browse through popular tricks or easily share them with your friends via email or popular social networks. The site contains close to 100 tricks that have been filmed quite professionally for easy illustration. Each trick is no more than a couple of minutes long and has a clear picture quality.

learn cool bar tricks


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  1. Joel Ferrell
    May 4, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Sorry, the 3 links to other "Magic sites" are not working....