EasyAutoRefresh: Automatically Refresh Webpages As Often As You Want [Chrome]

Web developers and testers often have a need to refresh a webpage every few seconds or minutes, and EasyAutoRefresh is a Chrome extension that does the job perfectly. Once installed on your Chrome browser, the extension displays a tiny refresh icon in your address bar. Just click on it and specify the duration you want to refresh the webpage after.

The tool works like a charm. Anytime you want to change the duration or stop the auto refreshing, simply click the icon again and click the stop button. The best part is, you can set a different duration for each tab and have them refreshed automatically as frequently as desired. The tool is dead simple but has a great functionality.

auto300   EasyAutoRefresh: Automatically Refresh Webpages As Often As You Want [Chrome]


  • Auto refreshed any web page after desired duration.
  • Change the duration or stop at any time.
  • Similar tools: ReloadEvery, SiteReloader and PageReboot.

Download EasyAutoRefresh from Chrome Web Store

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