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If Firefox is your primary browser of choice, check out Easy Access. It is a handy add-on for Firefox that lets you easily access your system commands and your favorite programs right from within the Firefox’s add-on bar at the bottom. Default programs include standard Windows applications such as Notepad, Calculator, Paint and My Computer.

After you have installed to Firefox, simply click on Easy Access from the bottom add-on bar and select an application to launch from the list.

easy access firefox add-on

If clicking twice is not fast enough, you can configure to display any application right on the quick launch bar of the add-on bar, similar to the quick launch menu on the desktop. Moreover, apart from the default applications you can also add any other application to the quick launch bar. Simply find the path of executable file for the program on your computer, give it a descriptive name and click “OK”.

For example, if you want to add Internet Explorer to the quick launch bar, find its path (usually C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer/” and select the executable file (iexplore.exe). Now you will be able to open Internet Explorer from within Firefox with a single click.

You can add as many applications as you want to the add-on bar as Easy Access makes it really easy to do for any application or command on your computer.

EasyAccess: Quickly Access System Commands & Favorite Programs From Firefox Add-on Bar 34

EasyAccess: Quickly Access System Commands & Favorite Programs From Firefox Add-on Bar 4


  • Easily access Windows system commands and applications from within Firefox.
  • Applications appear at the Firefox add-on bar at the bottom.
  • Add and access any application from the add-on bar.
  • Add-on for Firefox.

Check out Easy Access Firefox Add-on @

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