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If you are looking to quickly and correctly add captions to the videos you upload to YouTube, then Easy YouTube Caption Creator could come in handy. It makes the entire process of adding captions really simple and easy.

You upload the video to YouTube, go to the site and enter the video URL, then add the text transcript in the box. Finally you play the video and add captions where required by adding the lines from the transcript one by one. Once you are done, you can save the .sub file that is generated and go to your YouTube account to upload it there.

add captions to youtube videos

So, overall, what this tool does is lets you easily generate a YouTube-ready closed caption .sub file in minutes. Check out the video tutorial below to know more about the process.


  • Easily create a .sub caption file for YouTube videos
  • No registration required on the site
  • Add the captions correctly by watching the video
  • Save the generated .sub to your YouTube account.
  • Similar site: 22Frames.

Check out Easy YouTube Caption Creator @


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