Three Easy Ways To Turn Your Facebook Into A Real Book [Weekly Facebook Tip]

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Have you ever wanted to make a real hard-copy book of the things you have in Facebook? Maybe you have relatives who aren’t on Facebook but would love to see the pictures you’ve put in there. Or maybe you’re keen to preserve a snapshot of what your life was like this year. Did you realise that it’s really easy to make a book of your Facebook?

Several companies have tackled the concept of Facebook books and each have their own unique way of presenting the material, plus their own unique pricing system. Some of them let you have a free PDF version, which looks great and can be printed in colour. Others can cost between around $10 to $30 to post you a book depending on how big the book is that you’re making. But for a unique, interesting, personalised book that’s not so bad. Here’s three great ways you can make your own Facebook book.

Blurb Facebook Book

In recent years, Blurb has become well known for creating well-priced quality books and business cards from social networks such as Flickr and Facebook. They also remind you that Facebook compresses photos by default and that they might not be as high quality as your original photos.

Blurb lets you pick photos from Facebook Pages you administer, your profile and photos you are tagged in. They suggest getting 20 pictures to start with as it’s ideal for the cheapest book size. You then get to choose whether to add more photos and change book size, how you want to rearrange the photos, whether to remove comments or not and whether to hide the captions.

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Your book is automatically marked as private on Blurb and will be deleted from Blurb entirely if you don’t buy it or re-edit it within 15 days. When ordering, you can even choose to buy a version for the iPad!

Social Memories

Social Memories is a very easy way to create a real book of your Facebook activities. You just add Facebook application, set the timeframe for the book to reference and you’re good to go.

The application creates neat infographics of statistics, like where your friends come from and who your most active friends are. This is wedged between photos and other content from your Facebook. You can upload the results as an album in Facebook or print it out as a physical book. Then you can always go back and create a new book for a different timeframe.

Check out the YouTube promo video and this detailed article to lean more.

Fonicle Facebook Chronicle

Fonicle centres around your status updates and generates a book based on them. You can add photos in black and white or colour (colour is a lot more expensive) and you can choose whether or not to add your friend’s replies to the book or not. If you customise the book you can un-check years to make it more relevant to today and perhaps a little cheaper too. Each book you create can be dedicated to someone with a little note in it. You can opt to remove any URL updates and filter certain words out entirely. Very handy!

If you like the Fonicle Facebook page you’re able to download your Fonicle as a PDF, which could be a nice backup for you.

Fonicle also lets you surprise a friend by making a Fonicle for them as a gift. Obviously it will only be able to use information your friend allows your applications to see. If they’re very private about their profile it won’t be possible to make this.

Bonus Trick: Intel Museum Of Me

Head over to the Intel Museum Of Me and connect to your Facebook account. It will load up all of your photos for you so you can create a museum exhibit. You’ll be treated to a video of a museum where it looks at cool things found in your Facebook profile. It’s not a book, but it’s kind of fun.

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What’s your favourite way to make a real book from Facebook?

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