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RatesHead Did you know that The Internet is mobile now? Here in the good old U S of A we have a bunch of major MOBILE carriers with more popping up everyday. So it is hard to figure out which plan will give you the most bang for your buck. Before we get started you should know what you want from a plan. Do you need unlimited data for your smartphone or PDA? Maybe you are just going to check email here and there”¦

Do you need a express card or maybe a USB stick for your laptop or netbook to always be connected? The possibilities nowadays are endless. We are going to provide a mobile Internet plan comparison for 3 major United States Carriers and the mobile plans that they have.

Before we talk about the carriers I thought I would give you a little background on mobile broadband internet service. The standard now is 3G on either HSDPA or EVDO you need a card or stick that is compatible with your computer and service. This is a PCMCIA card from Sprint that works on most  older computers:

wireless internet access plan

You can also get an express card which is shorter and works in most newer laptops or the all around Swiss army knife of the mobile world AKA the USB dongle. Take your pick and with out further ado here is the top 3 mobile broadband companies around my way and there rates in one place for your comparison.



AT&T – I love AT&T other people don’t but I guess it is personal preference. In my neighborhood it works all the time on HSDPA as well as at work. I use it for my Windows Mobile Phone as well as for my tablet and netbooks. For my USB Modem I have the Data Connect 5GB plan which used to be called the unlimited plan. Then people started serving networks off it. If you want an upgrade to a higher speed cap the hit you for another $30 some of my friends have gotten charged another $45. Your mileage will vary!

mobile internet plan comparison


VERIZON – Good old Ma’ Bell. Verizon owns all the copper in town and has a great hold on the majority of users in my hood. The price for the 5GB plan is a penny less than AT&T’s and the overage charges are the same as well. You will get a call if you frequently go over and they will offer you a business account. It is usually around another $30 as well. Verizon also offers a smaller 250MB account per month. If you are just a casual user the $40.00 may pan out. But remember going over your allowance and paying overage charges that are more than the more expensive plan is horrible! So plan accordingly! Another plan Verizon offers is the one day pass for a single days internet usage. But it says that PC users can not get this deal”¦

wireless internet plans


SPRINT/NEXTEL Sprint offers the same 5GB plan for $59.99 and offers 4G service in one city (Baltimore) for $79.99. If they had the 4G service in NY this would be my provider already! Lucky Baltimorians!

mobile internet plans

Hopefully this mobile Internet plan comparison will help you make a decision. Or if this is all two rich for your blood you could always check out my Windows Mobile guide The Ultimate Guide To Your Windows Mobile Phone [PDF] The Ultimate Guide To Your Windows Mobile Phone [PDF] Read More and look up how to tether internet on your laptop/netbook via your Windows Mobile device. How are you getting Internet on the road? Why don’t you let us know in the comments?

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