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I am a working mother of three school-aged children. Unlike my former stay-at-home mother, I do not have the time to put together the wonderfully creative and extensively decorated scrapbooks that she made for me.

I also do not have time to attend scrapbooking parties (yeah, they have these), and I sure do not have the time to visit hobby stores searching through racks and racks of scrapbooking templates trying to decide which one looks best. Phew, it tires me out just thinking about it.

No, I am an internet geek, so what better way to try my hand at scrapbooking than with a digital scrapbook. I looked around at all the free products and free template sites, but none of them impressed me until I found Scrapblog. I recently used Scrapblog to put together a beautiful and custom scrapbook of my son’s school career and I wanted to share with you how insanely easy it was to do.

I began by signing up for the service to open my free account. From there you just click “Create a new scrapbook” and you are on your way. You have the choice of starting with a theme or starting with a blank page. I, of course, elected to start with a theme.

Scrapblog offers hundreds of templates and dozens of categories, such as weddings, school, holidays, sports, and even military. I selected the school theme and this loaded up the Scrapbook builder with ten scrapbook pages that I could customize.


Even though it was better than anything I could have created from scratch, there were certain things about the first kindergarden page I did not like. No problem. I was able to use the very intuitive editor to move around the page elements and then add my own photos. The result (below) took me only a few minutes to create.

Once I had completed all the pages, I was able to publish the scrapbook with one click. This created a URL that I can share with family and friends. I can even print the pages and paste them into my own physical scrapbook.

All in all, it was very easy and I think the results are fantastic.

Why not try it yourself and let us know in the comments what you think.   Maybe you also know some other scrapbooking websites or apps that you would like to recommend?

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