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Windows Live Writer Review MakeUseOf guest author Adam Hirsch covered Windows Live Writer back in August when it was still in beta, but still a good application with promise.

Now it’s out, and Windows Live Writer is a great application with millions of users using it as their desktop blog publisher of choice.

Blog Services

Currently, Writer works with most of the major blog providers out there. Including but not limited to Windows Live Spaces, SharePoint, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Movable Type, etc. It really only takes a few seconds to get started thanks to Writer’s built-in automatic configuration that sets up your application, syncs your categories and downloads your blog’s template files so that you can see what your blog post will truly look like.

WLW - Configure Blog Account

Post Preview

As mentioned above, Windows Live Writer gives you the ability to preview what your posts will look like by downloading the templates locally. This truly is as WYSIWYG as you can get. Once you’ve finished typing that long post, or in my case a simple Lorem ipsum dummy post, you can see what it looks like.

Windows Live Writer - Preview

Publish Now or Later

WLW - Optional Publish Date Writer allows you to create blog entries and then post them to your weblog for further review. Alternately, if you’re without Internet access, you can save a local draft and post at a future time. An interesting feature of Writer is that you can set a particular post to publish at a certain date. Say you write your regular Friday-night article on Wednesday. Fine, just set your article, once finished, to publish two days later. Done. WLW will set the publish date for your article and Friday it should show up (If your blog service permits).

Extend WLW with Extensions

With the growing number of extensions, Windows Live Writer is even more powerful than ever. At the time of this article, there are 80 extensions available for Windows Live Writer including adding things like music feeds, picture galleries, emoticons, and even a Digg This plug-in.


One of my favorites is Flickr4Writer. As the title states, its an extension that allows you to access and interact with the Flickr™ API. You can browse photosets, search tags, and more.

WLW - Flickr4Writer

Easy Does It

Everything you add to your blog entries, Windows Live Writer will post to your blog provider. This makes adding rich content to your blog entries a breeze. Just type, add pictures and other content, then click a button to publish…its literally that simple.

All in all, this is the best desktop blog publisher out there. I’ve tested a few of them, but Microsoft wins the gold prize for getting all the nice features most bloggers want.

Who uses Windows Live Writer out there? Let us know about your experiences and your favorite extensions for the best desktop blog publisher.

Hungry for it? Get it here.

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