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I love stuff that is simple-to-use and at the same time has everything you may need, and that’s exactly what is. It’s another website falling into so called web2.0 services category, using which you can listen to your favorite music online. It’s not the first of a kind but definitely one of the best ones due to it’s simplicity, speed and couple of very useful features.

Once you go to on the homepage you can see a flashplayer which closely resembles apple ipod player and has almost all ipod features. It’s like a virtual Ipod with nothing more or less, see image below

To start rolling your favourite music, just go to the website, search for your preferred track and press play. Service is completely free but you’ll need to go though 10-sec registration process to get access to all features; ‘create a playlist’, ‘add track to my playlist’ and some more. For registration you’ll need only email id

Lets look at some features:

  • Created Playlists can be either shared with public or set to private
  • History Tab allows you to browse items that were played before (ex; yesterday)
  • Current music library contains 125.000 songs (I was able to find all of the songs I searched for)
  • ipod player color can be switched between black and white
  • ‘share this song’ option let’s you easily notify someone about the song with the blogmusik link to it

One more feature I really liked and frequently use and hence writing about it separately from above is blogmusik search plugin for firefox. This plugin ads ‘search on blogmusik’ option to your default browser search toolbar. Using this plugin whenever a song pops into my head I can get to it within 5-10 seconds. NIce, huh?, You can get plugin here by pressing on the ‘options’ tab.


Note: After I have registered and logged in for the first time, I had trouble adding songs to my playlist. I would receive a message “You are not registered”, when I actually was. So, after playing around with it for a while I realised that before you can save your first song you need to have at least one playlist.

You may also check out a slightly different service called Pandora, which is according to Aibek is an excellent service to discover new music matching your taste.

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